Secret Lab Titan Gaming Chair Review

Secret Lab Titan – Worth $400?


I want to start off by saying this is can i buy propecia in china NOT a paid review. I was not sent this chair for free to review. My own, hard-earned money was spent on the Titan and I will therefore, be providing you with an unbiased review. 🙂

Now, back to our regularly scheduled program. Secret Lab is a very popular gaming chair manufacturer that offers a few different models, for all shapes and sizes. The main focus here will be on the Titan, though I will mention recommendations later on for those smaller body types.

The Secret Lab Titan is rated for up to 290 lbs, with a max recommended height of 6’4″. The smaller model, named Omega, is rated for 240 lbs and max height of 5’9″.

I am 5’10”, 170 lbs, so I am right in the middle of these two. Ultimately I chose the Titan, as you can imagine by the title of this article, but let me tell you why.

When purchasing my new chair I had a couple requirements:

  1. Good back and posture support.
  2. Lots of adjustment, especially with the armrests.
  3. Comfortable enough to sit in for 10+ hours a day.
  4. Aesthetics were definitely a plus, but not a requirement.

Why I chose the Titan:

To me, the clear winner was the Titan. Yes, there are other great chairs out there, however not all of them meet the above requirements I had.

I chose the Titan over the Omega for two big reasons:
  1. isotretinoin purchase overnight delivery Larger. This means less restriction and less sweating.
  2. Back Support. The Titan has built in, adjustable, lumbar support.


I was concerned when purchasing a PU leather chair that after sitting and working for 10+ hours a day, I would get hot. Now I am not really a person who sweats more than the average Joe, but I think anyone would start to get a little toasty in a PU leather chair that hugs you tightly for 10 hours a day.

The Titan hugs you, but not as much as some other chairs, and with it being bigger, not as much as the Omega.

Back Support

To my knowledge, this is the only chair in it’s class that has built in lumbar support. No more fidgeting with the pillow that isn’t attached or that is too bulky. You simply turn the knob on the right side of the chair to your preferred amount of support.

The Good!

  1. High quality, well built chair – From the moment I took this chair out of the box I could just sense a high quality well made product. You can tell they took their time in designing the Titan and paid attention to the right details.
  2. Adjustability – I’ve already mentioned the lumbar adjustability, but there are many more adjustable parts on this chair. It lays back almost 180 degrees with tipping over, 4D adjustable armrests, tilt locking mechanism, and more.
  3. Overall comfort – Overall this chair is just plain comfy. I can sit in it all day, working 8 hours, and then game afterwards and still feel great. Additionally, the neck pillow is very comfortable. Whether I want to sit up straight with good posture or take relief off my back and lean back this chair can do it all.

The bad…

  1. Pricey – The Titan is slotted in the upper end of price for it’s class. It’s not in the “cheap” chair category, but not in the $1000+ range either. Most quality middle-grade chairs can be had for about $200-300.
  2. The peeling issue – These chairs have numerous reports or the PU leather peeling pre-maturely. Some reports state within 6 months even. I will say that if you take care of the leather and wipe it down with water every so often, it will help. Alternatively you can use their leather care spray, which I use. I’ve owned the chair for three months so far with extensive use, and no peeling here. 🙂
  3. Break-in period – As with most chairs there is a break in period. By this I mean the chair is pretty firm the first month or so of use. I don’t consider this a huge issue as it just confirms the quality of the foam cushioning in my opinion. Although, I can see this being an issue for some who don’t want to have to break in a $400 chair.

So, is it worth the money you ask?

Short answer, yes.

Slightly longer answer, it depends. If you’re looking for an office and gaming chair that gives the support of a nice office chair, and the looks of a high end gaming chair, this is for you.

I will admit it doesn’t have quite as much support as a Herman Miller or other high end ergonomic chairs, but the Titan is a really great combination of the two.

If you’re like me and that is what you’re looking for in a new chair, and the $389 price tag isn’t too much to stray you away, then this chair is for you!

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